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Working together we are making a difference to these Children's daily lives!

Project Primrose was created to unite and mobilise those special caring people across the world who want to help personally care for these loving orphans that are facing extreme hardship in the Ubuntu Orphanage, Duncan Village, South Africa. This is one of the poorest ex-townships in the Eastern Cape where starvation, disease, AIDS and suffering are rife ,the children come from the  tiny corrugated iron shacks that sprawl around the area.

Directly supporting the children at Ubuntu Rescue a Child at Risk Orphanage

Many of these orphaned children are suffering from Aids, Cancer, Malnutrition, Abuse and Neglect.

They would be homeless without the loving care at this orphanage provided by Pamela and the volunteer staff. Not one member of staff  gets paid and everything goes directly to the children.

By giving just a little bit of your time, you too can help make a huge difference to their daily lives!

Caring people needed !

The children come from one of the poorest shack areas of Southern Africa and with your help we can give them a educated future free from the horrors of absolute poverty that they were born into.

Help make a difference

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UK Tel : 0845 269 4428

S A Tel : 002743 733 8062